High Fidelity Top Five

The podcast where we break down and discuss the film High Fidelity, five minutes at a time.

About Us


Kathy Stoker first was introduced to "High Fidelity"  many years ago by her husband David.  One of the songs from the soundtrack Stevie Wonder's "I believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever) was their wedding song.  Kathy is a mom of a teeagner and a tween; and is a high school English/journalism teacher.  She loves to read and drink tea, follow New England Sports teams, and spend time with friends.  Kathy is a huge Billy Joel fan and hopes to see him one more time in concert before he retires.


Candice LaSalle loves all things nature and creating with her hands, so she’s not entirely sure how she ended up doing a podcast about a movie that focuses on music. It must be because recording allows her to spend extra time with some of her favorite people; her husband Chris, her BFF Dave and her wonderful friend Kathy. She’s a mom to two more of her favorite people, Gabe and Charlotte, and you could probably lump in their three cats and labradoodle as well but it would depend on the day. Candice also runs her own small business, GiraffeBear, where she creates and sells needle-felted scenes from the beloved Anne of Green Gables series, the idyllic Prince Edward Island as well as custom pet portraits.


Chris LaSalle has been a fan of music since childhood - listening to classic rock records with his dad, and listening to the American Top 40 with Casey Kasem on the radio every weekend. His first album (on cassette) was "Freedom of Choice" by Devo. Now he has taken his love of film, music, and Star Trek to the next level by co-hosting the High Fidelity Top Five and the Star Trek Minute podcasts. When he's not podcasting, Chris manages to also be a husband, a father of two amazing kids, and a self-proclaimed (and most would agree) nerd. He also has a real job. If you ever want to get into a deep and lengthy chat with Chris about something that's not music, buy him a cup of coffee and ask what he loves about Star Trek, or Lego, or Stephen King, or…


David Stoker believes he saw High Fidelity when he was long distance dating his wife. They even played Stevie Wonder at their wedding!! David loves sports, cooking like he is on Top Chef, wants to make a Lego Brick film one day, and has a wide array of music loves from Owl City, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Prince. He loves spending time with family and cat Wallace, and hopes one day he can take up residence at Disney World.

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